interview: Adrian Bianco

We can talk a lot about our new Berlin-based friend but let’s just cut to the chase: meet Adrian Bianco, editor in chief of German VICE, true Stone Island connoisseur, a gourmet, fan of Japanese culture and the founder of Biancissimo online-magazine. He became our first hero of the 2018.

— First of all, can you tell about yourself and your current work? About Vice, how did you get there? And what do you do except your work?

— Hey there, right now I am working as the editor i’m chief of a digital VICE arm. I also freelance as a fashion writer, take photos and run my own online magazine Biancissimo. How I got there? I kept doing the things I love and quit things that other people were expecting me to do.

— How does your typical day looks like?

— I work about 8 hours at VICE, then I go home work on Biancissimo. Sometimes I just go home and sleep. Sometimes I drink a lot. My best friend in Berlin is Johnny Terror and we try to work and drink together a lot.

Adrian Bianco in Japan

— We can’t miss your interest in Japan. This is express in a huge guides about anime, about noodle restaurants and in an interviews. How did it start? Was there a certain click or any event that contributed you for it?

— I always loved Japan and their culture. From anime to the food. I can’t really explain why, but I always knew that this is my place to be. When I first got there 4 years ago it was better as I expected it to be! So I decided to never not got there at least once a year.

— Not so long ago you’ve been in Japan. Please, share your emotions and feelings after the first visit of this country. What did you like and dislike there and why?

— The first time as told before was even better as I imagined it to be. You know all these anime where the streets and the sound is just amazing. I always thought it was just a fantasy of the writer but no they draw the real life Japan. Its sometimes hard not to turn crazy there because there are not so many ppl able to speak English with you. Also you can feel very depressed walking around in between these concrete jungle for more than 4 days. But its a good depression. Hard to explain, just try it =)

— Apparently, you are a real gourmet and you pay great attention to what you eat. Tell us what is food means for you and what is your favorite cuisine?

— Food is my life and my favorite hobby. It’s like sex, just that i can’t screw it up haha. I mean other people can screw it up when they cook bad. Then I get angry.

— Another one your weakness is the Stone Island brand. What are your three favorite things by the Stone Island? Tell us why do you prefer it? When did you discover it? Did your attitude somehow changed when you knew Stone Island’s team and Carlo himself?

— My three favourite things are the people I’ve met through the brand, my Tank Shield Coat and my 1983 work pants! I discovered it through my friends. They were either old tools or tech wear lovers. After meeting Carlo and the team I just felt inspired and more happy to wear the brand. At the same time I stopped buying it on such a crazy level cause I somehow managed to feel the brand more than ever. Something which only a new jacket can never give to you.

— You shooting a lot on a film cameras. Why do you use exactly a film? What kind of camera do you usually use? What’s your favorite camera? What was your first camera?

— I shot on an Yashica T4 and an Yashica Samurai x3, I’m trying out a lot of films right now so I can’t really decide on one! My first camera was a Hero Turtles Camera that said „Carrabanga“ everytime I took a picture.

— We have a poor print-media industry in Russia and the situation is getting worse every year. Despite this, there are enthusiasts in our country who trying to create something really crazy. How is it going in Germany? What has changed in this sphere in a recent years?

— Print Media is also dying, but to be honest the German young people never really were into print media. Of course there are cool magazines like 032c or Highsnobiety but the percentage of people who read it is really small. In Japan for example so many people read magazine stills. Its amazing. They all research a lot!

— Also I would like to ask you about the current situation in streetwear and sneaker culture. Currently young people don’t looking for rare and really interesting clothes or sneakers, but they are looking for what they saw in a fashion bloggers’ profiles in Instagram. They try to show their style through money they spent for fancy stuff. Only a few people still interest in any local and not too popular brands. Everyone is chasing only that they can show in a news feed. What we will see in a nearest future? What do you think about that?

— Its really easy right now to hate on things or feel depressed how the scene might look like. BUT I always say, almost everybody started as a fuckboy, me too! So even though 9 out of 10 people might have no idea, or do it for the wrong reason, there will always be the 1 out of 10 doing the research, appreciating the culture and doing good stuff. Im not afraid of all these idiots right now, some will leave again, some will stay and some might turn into Biancos one day =)

— What do you know about Russian street culture and fashion industry (blogs, brands, musicians, festivals as well) except Gosha Rubchinsky and our friends from Techunter who have been recently interviewed? It is very interesting to know why you decided to publish translated items on your blog Biancissimo.

— First of all thank you to all my Russian friends and followers for your support. I really do have a very busy life, I would love to have way more time for Biancissimo and more Russian articles. Its just super hard to find these time. So even if it takes me a lot of time to release an article in your langauage, I still love to do it and there will be more! So why I am doing this is quiet easy. I love people and I love giving people the chanсe to read my stupid shit. I saw that there were so many ppl from Russia following me so I was like „Ok lets give them something back“. From a business and time management view its totally crazy that I invest time in this, but fuck it, lets just do it and make someone from another country happy. Easy.

— You’ve got a huge amount of white sneakers. Why do you choose exactly the white? If you will have to choose one pair between different what will you choose?

— I love Classic stuff and there is nothing more classic in streetwear than a clean white sneaker. My favorite one right now is the AF1 and of course I like VOR, a German high quality sneaker brand.

— What has surprised you recently? It can be a book, or release, or music album, or a tasty dish?

— I like the 2017 Lil B LP a lot, Frank Ocean is always a boss, Netflix got boring and I got a little old. Surprise!

— May I ask you to call three your favorite places in Berlin or in other cities? The places you want to come back again and again. 

— ST Barts Pub in Berlin / Kaikaya By the Sea Tokyo / My bed / Berlin

— Is Berlin interesting for the editor of Vice? How would you describe the spirit of this city? What do you think attracts people to this city now?

— Its so dirty, real, full of drugs, homeless and shit and piss and all that. I still love it, maybe because of that. its the real life. No fake shit. Im from a rich town in Germany and it never felt real living there. Me and my friends always felt that we dont blong to these snobbish people. Berlin is my home now. Its difficult, depressig, dirty, sexy and you are so damn free. you can literally do everything. I love it.

— Let share your plans for the future.

— Do more Biancissimo. Work on more projects in Japan. Never grow up, never look like an old guy that tries to look cool. Eat a lot. Travel to Russia!

— Do you have a plan to visit Russia? Is there plan to publish an item about our country or about any Russian events?

— I really want to! So much. I want to do guides, I want to meet gangsters, I want to meet hooligans, street artist, collectors, chef and shoot a lot of pictures.

— And finally I can’t help but wonder… Over the past few months we are all has seen a wave of scandals involving sexual violence and harassment. As I know this topic affected Vice magazine as well. What do you think about this problem? How do your colleagues treat this problem?

— Good question. There were a lot of news from the US office that shocked me and made me think a lot of my work and my time at VICE. The German office took a lot of effort to find out if there are problems in Germany too and Im sure they take this 100% serious. From my perspective its hard to judge. You know a lot of my bosses, project managers and people I work with are women at VICE. I never saw a company with so many talented girls doing so much great stuff. Then I am a boss of 7 girls that do great work every day. So my VICE Germany life is full of gender equality and a good spirit. I just grew up around women, so if I ever would have seen or felt something strange I would totally tried to step in between!

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